As partners in the EYES project focused on youth activism for climate change, we are thrilled to share the European Commission's latest initiative, as announced through a press release on the 10th of January.

This groundbreaking step, a legacy of the European Year of Youth, empowers young people in EU policymaking. The Commission introduces a 'youth check' for policies, ensuring the impact on youth is a priority. They're also integrating youth voices in key areas like climate change, health, education, and employment. The upcoming European Youth Week 2024 is another exciting opportunity for youth engagement. This aligns perfectly with our mission at EYES, as we continue to champion young voices in climate activism.

The press release from the European Commission expands on several critical initiatives for youth empowerment:

  1. Enhanced Youth Participation in Policymaking: The introduction of a 'youth check' ensures that the impact of EU policies on young people is systematically considered. This includes using Better Regulation tools like consultations and impact assessments effectively.
  2. Youth-Specific Initiatives: Under the EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027, various youth-specific instruments will complement these tools. This includes policy dialogues, youth mainstreaming roundtables, and a new youth stakeholders' platform for continuous exchange with youth organizations and other stakeholders.
  3. Focus on Key Policy Areas: The Commission is addressing young people's concerns in areas like health, environment and climate change, education, international cooperation, and employment. Actions include developing a joint European degree, setting up a Youth Dialogue Platform, updating traineeship frameworks, publishing guidelines on school wellbeing, and campaigns on climate and democracy.
  4. European Youth Week 2024: This event, scheduled for April 2024, will focus on democratic participation and elections, promoting youth engagement and active citizenship.

These initiatives reflect the Commission's commitment to integrating young people's perspectives into EU priorities and policies, in response to requests from various EU institutions and stakeholders.

These efforts mark a significant commitment from the EU to integrate youth perspectives into its policymaking, resonating strongly with our objectives in the EYES project.

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