Climate Changes

In the urban landscapes of Matongué and Molenbeek Saint Jean, the dynamic project EYES Youth for Climate,  driven by the passion and determination of Europe's youth to combat climate change. This initiative, deeply embedded in the cultural and historical fabric of Brussels, Belgium, serves as a powerful testament to the role young people play in fostering sustainable urban regeneration and environmental activism.

Matongué, with its rich African heritage, and Molenbeek Saint Jean, known for its industrial past, are at the forefront of this transformation. The EYES  project emphasizes sustainable urban regeneration, community engagement, and the principles of green urbanism. It seeks not only to revitalize these neighborhoods but also to engage young people in civic participation, empowering them to become agents of change within their communities.

Participants will be equipped with knowledge on urban planning, participatory methods, and scenario planning. Through a variety of methodologies, such as historical analysis, case studies, and participatory workshops, the project will immerse young people in the realities of urban development, encouraging them to envision and work towards a sustainable future for their neighborhoods.

EYES project is part of a broader movement across Europe, where young activists are mobilizing to address climate change and environmental degradation. The European Green Deal serves as a backdrop for these efforts, aiming to transform the EU into a resource-efficient economy by 2050, with no net greenhouse gas emissions. Youth initiatives, supported by networks such as Youth and Environment Europe (YEE), Generation Climate Europe (GCE), and the European Green Activist Training (EGAT), play a critical role in reaching these ambitious goals. These networks and programs foster international cooperation, enhance youth participation in decision-making processes, and promote green values and politics across the continent.

The involvement of young people in environmental activism is crucial for developing a deep sense of awareness among all citizens. Through projects like the one in Matongué and Molenbeek Saint Jean, young people will demonstrate the power of community engagement and the potential for sustainable urban development. EYES project underscores the importance of youth involvement in shaping a greener, more inclusive future, not just in Europe, but around the world.