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Projects For Europe

ASBL founded in Brussels on 1 Feb 2020. The aim and objectives are :

To create initiatives whose aim is to promote the development of the notion of "European" in the different cultures
The association proposes, among other things, to contribute to the creation of a European identity and culture in young people
The association "PROJECTS FOR EUROPE", with its own organizations, proposes as an entity to promote and valorize European artistic and cultural resources with a particular attention to young and emerging artists through the broadcasting, diffusion of news, studies and deepening in the field of secondary artistic heritage, abandoned or little considered by the institutions.


Comitato Promotore S-nodi was established in 2013 in Torino at the initiative of Caritas Italiana, within the national program “System Actions against poverty”. It is an NGO working as a local development agency. It aims at fighting inequalities and social exclusion via social economy and community engagement strategies aimed at creating territorial systems of co- responsibility among citizens, public and private organisations, so that local communities efficiently take care of fragile people by means of innovative projects, policies and tools such as social enterprises.

S-nodi operates at local, national and international levels by implementing action-research projects, networks between social innovators and impact investors, capacity building activities for policy makers, professionals, entrepreneurs and citizens on co-design and co-creation (multi- stakeholders’ approach) of innovative actions fostering social inclusion, and through the active involvement of vulnerable citizens.


The International Institute for Implementing Sustainable Development (MIITR) is a private NGO, established in 2017 in Maribor, Slovenia. Its main activity is research and development in the fields of sustainability, comprehending environmental, economic, social, and lately smart and digital dimensions, especially when considering innovative forms of learning.

MIITR personnel has a high proficiency knowledge, competences and expertise in the fields of economic, environment, social, and computer sciences as well as project management, promotion and dissemination activities are included (e.g., 2 individuals with PhDs, 1 with MSc, 3 with BSc).