Save the planet

The Problem

Climate change is a global phenomenon that is affecting every corner of the world. It is a serious threat to human health, security, and prosperity.

But it is also a threat to marginalized urban areas, which are disproportionately affected by climate change. These communities are hit the hardest by extreme weather events like floods that have led to higher urban issues and in some cases to more illnesses.

Vulnerable communities

They are also experiencing more severe droughts and heat waves and are having to adapt to the climate change in urban context. In this context, better knowledge as well as better policies can reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions and improve the resilience of urban infrastructure to climate change, thus shaping future trends as well as youth knowledge and actions.



EYES will develop and test an innovative pilot program (including practice and demonstration activities) targeting youth on climate change engagement for European cities marginalized and suburban areas.



Unique process

The innovative curriculum enables project participants to engage in a unique process where they are not only passive learners but also contribute significantly to the development of new concepts, insights and recommendations of the project.

Young People

The training methodology will involve young people more in the activities, as they will not only be involved in the educational process but will also be able to actively contribute to the development of new concepts, which will include areas such as the
learning experience and the content of learning.
Two main groups


Young people enrolled in training activities, community projects and pilot activities (activity 2, 3, and 4) - minimum 150 people (50 a country) - also in cooperation with schools and youth organizations of the local community. The age range of is between 15 and 20 years
Organizations that work with young people and non-formal education programs
what to expect


Activate and reinforce

strong international partnership to develop common projects on environmental protection in cities with youth engagement


and experiment methods and methodologies to co-project training scheme;


a better basis for local, national and international cooperation with the organizations involved in the partnership


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